How to add a favicon to your website

You’re My Favicon in the Whole World

Posted by Michael Wolter

Just like following a recipe to bake a cake, there are certain steps involved in creating a functional, successful website that are core essentials – registering your domain, writing the code, curating graphics and creating…
All about IP addresses

Everything You Need to Know About IP Addresses

Posted by Michael Wolter

If you’ve ever watched an action movie with a tech twist, then you probably know what an IP address is. An IP (or Internet Protocol) address is a string of numbers separated by periods that…
Webmaster tool mega metrics

The Mega Metrics On Webmaster Tools

Posted by Yasmin

Google’s Search Console, formerly known as Webmaster Tools, is one of the most powerful website data analytics tools around. It literally is a webmaster tool, allowing insight into how your site is behaving in Google…
Great local links for your business

The Benefits Of Local Links On Your Online Business

Posted by Yasmin

Every website owner dreams of their site ranking on page one of Google search. However, to get there a lot of refined and long term effort is necessary. Once the basic SEO elements are in…
How to get your brand seen by the world?

The Key Steps To Building a New Brand

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

Once the formalities of creating a new company are done, how do you start building a business which is going to survive the first five challenging years? Creating a new company can be completed within…

Should You Shorten Your URL?

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

URLs: Our Directions to Navigate and Connect URLs are our map of the internet: we use them to navigate websites, link from one website to the other, and enable us to share useful and interesting…

Become A Self-Made Techie!

Posted by Michael Wolter

Become a coding genius in no time at all. Higher education has historically only been available to those who could afford it. However, along with the internet came worldwide access to information; and recently some…

Your Slow Loading Website Is Affecting Your Website Visitors

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

There's a need for speed if you want to keep customers on your website. Have you ever found yourself spending excessive amounts of time searching for a very specific product, only to find the website…

How To Convince Your Site Visitors Your Site Is Safe To Shop From

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

Create the safest shopping environment for your customers. It’s safe to say that 2016 hasn’t been a great year for data security. From Ashley Madison to Apple, a series of high-profile data thefts and leaks…

How To Make Money Reselling Domain Names

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

Every website needs a domain name, so the time is rife to get into the domains market. Setting up a business doesn’t need to be difficult: you just need some knowledge of what people need.…

.coms Are Still King

Posted by Kelly Kirkham

We love gTLDs, but don’t forget that .com still packs a punch. (more…)

ICANN Rejects .music Domain

Posted by Kelly Kirkham

The .music gTLD fails community bid for the second time. (more…)

5 Tips For Your Ecommerce Website

Posted by Colten Van Tussenbrook

Is your e-commerce site lacking something? Apply these 5 tips to your website to start seeing more conversions. (more…)
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