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Verisign Price Increase
by Ben Gabler on May 28th, 2010

Under its 6 year contract with ICANN, VeriSign, the registry for .com and .net domain names, is allowed to increase the fees it charges registrars by up to 7% a year.

VeriSign is allowed to do this on up to four occasions and has done so twice already. Earlier this year, VeriSign announced a third increase will take place on July 1st 2010.

The VeriSign cost prices are summarised below:

2006 prices

(when contract signed)

Current Prices As of 1st July 2010
.com $6.00 $6.86 $7.34
.net $4.25 $4.98 $5.40

* In addition to the fees above, is also required to pay a fee to ICANN of $0.18 per domain year.

With regret, from 1st July, 2010 will adjust its prices inline with this increase:

Current Prices 1st July 2010
Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 1 Tier 2
.com $7.79 $7.25 $8.27 $7.73
.net $7.49 $6.49 $7.91 $6.91

The prices above will apply to all new registrations and renewals. You can avoid this increase by renewing your domain names before June 30th 2010.


Acceptable Use Policy
by Ben Gabler on May 12th, 2010

Everybody hates spam, and everybody hates the bad guys on the Internet.

Unfortunately we’ve seen an increasing amount of spam originating from domains registered at; and in response we’ve created a new Acceptable Use Policy.

The best resolution for everyone is the reduction of abuse on the Internet, and will always prefer to work with our partners and educate them as to what is and what isn’t acceptable. But in some instances we may need to take further action.

In the short-term if we find abuse, will send a warning notice to the registrant (cc’ing the reseller) via our email address. In the future, we plan to roll out a templating option, allowing our abuse team to investigate these incidents on your behalf.

This policy is now part of our standard Terms of Service and Reseller Agreement; you can view our Acceptable Use Policy here.


Sneak Peak
by Ben Gabler on May 10th, 2010

Thanks for stopping by the new blog. After months of planning and hardwork the all new is starting to take shape. I can’t give away too much at this moment, but watch this space for sneak previews, beta invites, and join the discussion on our great new features.

In the meantime, check out an early mockup of our new look homepage (& control panel) below. If you have any feature requests hit the comment button, or email

Tom Stenson
Manager, Screenshot