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One hour to go until .CO!
by Ben Gabler on July 20th, 2010

General availability for the new .co domain extension starts at 2PM EDT, at which point .co domains will be available for registration on

As always is offerring some of the best prices on the web:

Tier Term Price Per Year
Tier 1 1-10 years $27
Tier 2 1-10 years $25

.CO is a natural domain choice for all companies, corporations and commerce sites. There buzz on the Internet surrounding .co has been huge – so if you’re not yet a reseller – I recommend you sign up now!

tom :)

by Ben Gabler on July 19th, 2010

We’ve just updated the website, we hope you like it.¬†Features include:

  • 25% widers and 30% more whitespace
  • ALL NEW – added brushed steel effects
  • Clearer, simpler navigation
  • Improved product information

This is just the beginning, in the coming months we’ll be updating our support site, product features, and control panel :)

If you spot any errors, bugs, or missing links please contact us & we’ll get right on it. You can also leave compliments or insults for our design team in the comments below.