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I Want to Know What You Think.
by Dan on October 13th, 2010

I thought this might be a good time to share or re-share my vision of what will become.  There are some things were cleaning up right now and we are obviously looking at breaking into other product lines.  I really want to turn into a one stop reselling shop. Don’t read in to this too much, we won’t abandon our roots!  Above all else, whatever we do offer and whatever we evolve into we must be able to execute very well.  I want and expect a clean and streamlined line of products that have an impact.  If we can’t execute well, it won’t make any of us happy and if we don’t offer a meaningful product line it won’t have any impact.

Last week I hinted at a product that we will soon be launching, it will have an impact and it will be executed very well.  I am not going to push another hint this week.  However, I must admit that I am by no means this huge creative genius.  I have some potential products in mind that will likely be offered for our resellers to sell, but my list is short and probably biased. Products like reseller hosting, cloud reseller hosting, dedicated server hosting and SSLs are rattling around in my head ;-).  But, as I suggested earlier, I know my list is not all inclusive.  I want to hear from you! I want to know what you guys think you’ll be able to sell yourselves.  I can’t make any promises, but, I am interested in those things that you think are relevant and needed in our industry.  Post a comment and let me know what you have dying to sell.

How about an Update?
by Dan on October 4th, 2010

It has been a couple of weeks since I have posted to the blog so I thought I would take a minute and do that. Many of you have been asking about the promotion. I am glad that it grabbed as much attention as it did! I figured some of the content of this post could focus on answering some of the frequently asked questions.

One of the most common questions has been, “why doesn’t this promotion apply to renewals or transfers?” This answer is relatively easy to provide. It has to do with how the promotion trickles down from Verisign. Verisign is interested in driving renewals but are targeting new growth with this incentive. As a result, they are passing all of their registrars a savings based on new growth only. Because they are providing this incentive on the first year of new registrations only and we need to maintain a small margin, we are passing the savings on new registrations on to our clients the same way.  These new savings only last for a couple more weeks, so get out there and take advantage of the offer!

Another common question has been “I don’t see the promotion pricing in my control panel, why?” This one is also rather simple. You need to confirm and apply the promotional pricing from within your own control panel. You can read more about it here. There are some shortcuts to doing this on the dashboard of your control panel on the left side under promotional offers.

One last interesting note, I was able to launch our new and improved newsletter. It was quite an interesting process and I quite enjoyed it. Due to some prior complications, we were no longer able to use our existing mailing list management solution. So as a geek, what did I do? I set up a small 2 node hosting account at our sister brand, VPS.NET, and installed the tools I needed to run our own mailing list solution. I figured it would be a great way to test platform that is similar to something we’ll be offering in the future. There is still a little tweaking to be done, but I was quite impressed and was able to deliver around 500 e-mails per minute.

If you don’t already receive our newsletter and would like to, visit the subscription page to subscribe.

We have made some excellent progress in the last few weeks.  We’ve got a couple of good initiatives on the horizon (some even hinted at above ;-)). You are really going to enjoy the additions you will see in the coming months!