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Control Panel Sneak Peek
by Dan on February 7th, 2011

I have been talking for quite a while about our upcoming product launch. I am proud of what we are doing and think it is time to show you a little of what we have achieved visually. I’ll let the images speak for themselves… mostly;-) We are really excited by the progress we have made and are encouraged by the potential remaining.

Above you see the desktop without any modules running. Simplistic, un-cluttered.

Here we demonstrate the Users and User Roles option. Yes that is right, one reseller account can have unlimited separate users and each user can have specific permissions and roles. No longer do you need to expose all of your control panel and account to your entire staff. This is still a module that we are working on and likely won’t be complete at the time of launch but it does demonstrate our commitment to improved security and forward thinking.

Here is the branding demonstrated. You see we have applied several different colors, a different background texture and a logo. So what is to come with branding you might ask. We’re going to include a color chooser, custom background management, and task bar location selection just to name a few features.

Here you see our accounts management illustrated. This is where a lot of the work will be done. Accounts are created here, listed here, managed here and deleted here. Beyond simple management, resellers can get to their clients accounts in every way. Service packages can be created, assigned and changed all from this location.

Above all else, the reseller’s accounts module is the gateway to the sub account control panels. Yes, from this location a reseller can gain access to their client’s control panel (cPanel) without maintaining any other credentials.

We really have only scratched the surface, but I have been holding one feature as a little “trump card.” Our new toy has been developed in such a way that it provides for unlimited levels of resellers. Thats right, our resellers can support resellers and their resellers can support resellers and still this is all accomplished from a single sign on.

We are quite proud of what has been accomplished. There is already a substantial list of additional features we will be adding shortly after launch. We are excited to get our resellers involved and can’t wait to launch!