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Google Quietly Censors The Pirate Bay Domain Names
by Jake Neeley on November 30th, 2012

Pirate Bay Google

The world’s most popular search engine has stealthily added the pirate bay domain names to its blacklist search phrase in Google instant and autocomplete. The Pirate Bay website is known for housing tons of torrent links and sources both legitimate and illegitimate torrents.

Google included the domain names of The Pirate Bay like, the, and in the censored search phrases within the last month. Although the search engine giant quietly removed the certain keywords, the pages from the websites are still indexed.


New Control Panel Update – SuperSite 2
by Jake Neeley on November 30th, 2012

After months of beta testing and fine-tuning the SuperSite 2 portal is LIVE!

The new SuperSite sports an all new design, great new content and incredible features that will help you increase conversions dramatically.


Get Ready for .NGO and .ONG Domains to Complement .ORG!
by Jake Neeley on November 28th, 2012

.NGO and .ONG Domains

A new wave of public interest domains ending in .NGO and .ONG will soon become complementary siblings of the trusted .ORG extension, which currently serves nonprofit and non-governmental communities worldwide.

“[Our goal] is to ensure that the unique needs of the nonprofit and nongovernmental community continue to be addressed and to provide these organizations with complementary, trusted online venues to voice their missions and to better engage their audiences,” said Public Interest Registry (PIR), which oversees the .ORG domain name registries.

The above is welcome news as the .ORG domain has been performing well over the last few years for domain resellers.

Google Fights Illegal Use of and in Russian Courts
by Jake Neeley on November 15th, 2012

The Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI) has reported that search giant, Google, which earned $9.74 billion in profits in 2011, has met some resistance from Moscow Commercial Court with regard to its motion to speed up review of its complaint against WebLink Ltd which is using Google.Ru and Gugl.Ru domain names, and may potentially infringe Google’s trademark in terms of “likeness.”

The reason for this motion hinges on a current appraisal underway by a panel of experts which makes this request impossible.


305 Million New Domain Names Anticipated by the Year 2018
by Jake Neeley on November 7th, 2012

The number of domain names registered worldwide by 2018 is expected to top the 305 million mark, according to a new report released by Global Industry Analysts. The new top level domain domains sanctioned by ICANN, which allow a URL to end in assignments such as .coke, .utah and .ladygaga, are primary drivers in this massive number but are also supported by additional activity in online advertising, e-commerce transactions and increasing Internet penetration the world over.

The availability of wireless hotspots and advent of new smartphones are also expected to be contributory factors in this explosive growth, which is seeing information and multimedia accumulating rapidly in remote cloud centers that also form the hub for new domain reseller services.