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Domain Management
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  1. questionHow a Domain Reseller can Register Domains for Themselves
    This article explains how a reseller can register a domain for themselves. The first thing to cover is that all domains need to be associated with a customer level account, so if you don’t have your own customer account you will need to create one. You can create your customer account my ...

  2. questionConfiguring WHMCS to work with Reseller 1.0 Domain Management Control Panel
    You can configure WHMCS to work with your domain reseller account. To set up WHMCS to work with your control panel follow these instructions. Before you set up WHMCS you will want to make sure you are using version 4.4 or greater. Older versions of WHMCS will not work with our API as they use ...

  3. questionLogging into Reseller 1.0 Domain Management Control Panel
    Upon signing up with, a detailed mail containing your Control Panel login details is sent to your email address (Username). The most common issue with logging into your 1.0 control panel is confusing the Reseller sign in page with the customer login page. The links for bot ...

  4. questionReseller 1.0 Creating Custom Name Servers
    Before you start to make Child NameServers for a domain you need to make sure that the domain you are using is pointing to the nameservers for The reason for this is that your records for the Child NameServers will be created in the system here and will need to propagate. But if t ...

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