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What will I need to start reselling after signing up for reseller hosting?
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25th of October, 2011

What will I need to start reselling after signing up for reseller hosting? has created a reseller hosting solution called Classic Reseller Hosting as part of our Reseller 2.0 release.  This product provides almost everything you need to start your reseller hosting business. There are only a few requirements that a reseller must contribute. Here is a list of what you need to get your business up and running quickly.

Payment Gateway-

You will need a payment gateway of some type.  Please see the Knowledgebase post specific to payment gateways here.


You can create a cPanel account within your Reseller 2.0 control panel to host your own website. We have already created sites to manage your control panel, billing, and signup form. You will need to create your own site to advertise, explain your services, and direct clients to the signup form we provide. Having your own website will help you to gain and maintain clients. 

Domain Names-

The hosting control panel, which we refer to as Reseller 2.0 works on an all new platform that is totally separate from our already existing domain name reseller platform. The domain name reseller platform is referred to as Reseller 1.0. has not yet added the domain name management system into the new Reseller 2.0 hosting control panel. We invite you to continue to use our  Reseller 1.0 domain management system to manage the domain name portion of your business until we are able to fully integrate it into the Reseller 2.0 system.

If you are a new member and would like to manage domain names, you also can open a Reseller 1.0 domain management account to manage that portion of your business.  Read more about it here.

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