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Configuring WHMCS to work with Reseller 1.0 Domain Management Control Panel
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13th of August, 2013

You can configure WHMCS to work with your domain reseller account. To set up WHMCS to work with your control panel follow these instructions. 

Before you set up WHMCS you will want to make sure you are using version 4.4 or greater. Older versions of WHMCS will not work with our API as they use the old API URLs. Instructions for upgrading your WHMCS installation to the latest version are at the bottom of this article

The version of WHMCS can be viewed by clicking “Home”. In the left column the version is listed under System Information.

To configure your WHMCS account with, you will have to complete 2 steps: 

  1. Set "Stargate/UK2" as your registrar
  2. White-list your server IP address

WHMCS Configuration

From within your WHMCS control panel you can navigate to Setup >> Products/Services >> Domain Registrars.


Select "activate" next to "Stargate/UK2" (if you cannot find this setting, please contact WHMCS support to learn exactly where this is at). After you select this you will be prompted to enter your reseller ID number, and an API key.


Your reseller ID number can be found by logging into your control panel and clicking on the profile button (top right corner). The API key can be found by logging into your control panel and navigating to Settings >> API. 

White-list IP address

After this has been done the next step is to white-list the IP address of the server that is hosting your WHMCS service. This is to allow the calls that are sent from WHMCS to talk to the system. You can white-list the IP address by logging into your account and navigating to Settings >> API. You can obtain the IP address for your WHMCS account by clicking Help, and License Information within WHMCS and copying the "Valid IP" value.


 At the bottom of the page you will see 3 boxes to input IPs. Input your server IP here.

And that is it! There is no more configurations needed beyond this point. Please note it can take up to 6 hours for the white-list to take effect. Once you have added all of the required information click save changes. If you need assistance with WHMCS beyond this point you may want to check the WHMCS forum which can be found at this link 

Upgrading WHMCS 

You must be using version 4.4 or greater in order for WHMCS to work with our API. 

If you choose to upgrade yourself instead of having WHMCS do it for you, follow the instructions below and in the release notes for the specific version to ensure a successful upgrade.

You can upgrade from any WHMCS version from 3.2 onwards to the latest. You do not need to do each incremental release between your current version & the latest in order to upgrade. Simply download the full release package for the latest version as described below and then follow the upgrade instructions linked to in the included README.txt file.

Downloading the Latest Version

Begin by logging in to the client area @ or obtain the latest version from your web host if you received your key from them

Click the My Licenses & Services link on the sidebar

Select one of your active license keys to view the details

Next, choose the latest stable version to download from the files which will be at the bottom of the page

Once downloaded, you are now ready to begin the upgrade process. This can vary from version to version so it is important that you refer to the upgrade instructions for your specific version. If you need additional instrcuctions go to this link . 

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