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Does allow you to oversell hosting resources?
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20th of October, 2011

The Reseller 2.0 control panel does allow you to oversell resources to your clients. That means you can purchase the resources from us that you anticipate your clients will use, but the amount of resources your clients purchase from you may exceed the amount of resources you have purchased from  us. Your clients will only have the amount you have purchased from  us available to them, but in their control panel it will show that they may use the amount that they have purchased from you. If you notice that your clients are getting close to using the full amount of resources you have purchased from then you can easily purchase a service upgrade from us to meat the needs of your clients. 

You purchase 50 GB of storage from
Your clients purchase 100 GB of storage from you

Your clients order will be processed successfully, and their control panel will show they have those resources available.

If your client uses a large amount of your actual storage space then you may want to consider upgrading your resources to accomidate your clients growth.
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