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API call changes for 2nd level .uk
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10th of June, 2014

a) Separate Check Availability for .uk domains

• Only one domain can be queried at a time. parameters can be either registrant-roid or complete postal info with email.


b) Existing Check Availability call

• Only one .uk domain can be specified, else rights information will not be provided
• No changes to call or parameters


c) Registration Call

• To specify Service Contact for .uk domain, specify servicecontactid as shown in example


d) Contact Add Call

• To create a regular contact, specify contact type as UkContact
• To create a “.uk service contact”, specify contact type as UkServiceContact. For this contact type, Registrant country can only be United Kingdom(GB), Isle of Man (IM), Jersey (JE) or Guernsey(GG)


e) Contact Mod Call

• No changes to call or parameters

For any assistance on this, do get in touch with your Account Manager or the Support Team
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