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Protect Your Brand – .XXX

by Clint

The Telegraph reported in March 2010 that the domain was up for auction at a staggering $1 million dollars. In 2006 the domain had been purchased for a whopping $14 million. But, this obvious domain money spinner is runner up to the revenue that may be generated by the new round of .XXX domain…

All arrows up for 2011 .Com & .Net domain registrations

by Clint

It sometimes worth wondering why we don’t treat the index of domain name registrations in the same vein as we do the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ composite when evaluating the economic health of the United States. For instance, if GDP growth is indicative of small business activity then should not the aggregate growth…

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I wish she would marry ME!

by Clint

And she will! If you purchase the domain name, which in fact Mat Mansell did around the beginning of 2010 and used the site as a way of informing guests how to get to the wedding. “It even allowed them to vote for songs to be played at the disco,” reported the BBC. The…

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.CO – A shortcut to success: Part II

by Clint

The .CO began life in 1999 under the direction of Colombia’s Universidad de los Andes who quickly understood that the shortened extension might have some commercial value. It soon found it self in the cross-hairs of the Colombian government who rejected their bid to treat the domain like a .COM extension.  The government viewed the…

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