A Glimpse Into The Future, Part II

Time has certainly flown by over the last couple of weeks.  I promised a second post in 2 weeks or less and here we are 3 weeks later.  It feels like just yesterday I started to outline some of the weaknesses we were trying to overcome when launching our Classic Reseller Hosting platform.  There were a couple of great comments and a few questions.  I appreciate some of the conversations that have spawned as a result of the post.

We have continued to work hard to deliver a hosting product that you all will appreciate.  Our development team has been here in the office visiting for some deserved inspiration and I have been busy working with our Web Design team preparing for some website modification as the launch draws near.  All in all, we are making good progress.

A couple of weeks ago, I had described a few of the weaknesses I perceived in the current Reseller Hosting world.  A few of you obviously picked right up on what I was getting at and even provided some good suggestions.  Your input has been priceless at this point as I was able to take some of it and request added features that will be available at launch or shortly thereafter.  In any case, on to my solutions!

As previously described, one of the biggest hurdles in the Reseller Hosting Community has been scalability.  Both management and account size tend to become difficult as a Reseller’s lifetime moves along.  We wanted to find a solution that would allow for unlimited growth in both cases and I am proud to say we have ;-).  We have developed a reseller control panel to replace WHM while still allowing resellers to manage all aspects of their clients accounts that still utilize cPanel.  You might ask “well, how does that address scalability.”  The answer is simple; it decouples the reseller account from a single server thus, the reseller account is no longer limited to the size or capabilities of a single server.

Control Panel to Server Relationship As you might imagine, this platform gives us quite a few interesting options.  Some of them have been loosely pointed out by other posters. However, it gives our resellers limitless growth potential from a single sign on so management is completely scalable;  no more of this “multiple account” management.  It also gives us the ability to deploy across multiple datacenters fulfilling the need for geo-location diversity.  Some of these features are going to take additional time and work, but we have designed this platform to meet these needs from the ground up.  As we find the time or the need arises, these intended features will be released.

You might also start to imagine how this model addresses my stability concerns as well.  It gives us as the parent the ability to manage our server farm more effectively :-).  We are no longer crippled by the standard relationship between WHM and cPanel .  As our servers fill up, we can easily stop allocating new accounts to full servers while the resellers continue managing existing accounts creating new ones on new servers that are added to the farm as it grows.  This solution also gives us the ability to isolate an unruly account from the “normal farm population” while issues are resolved and all the while the relationship between, Reseller and their client is maintained.  As an added bonus all of our Classic Reseller Hosting servers will be running Cloud Linux kernels and Ksplice to all but eliminate instability across the platform.

There is only one more thing to mention here and that is a pricing model to match the flexibility of this platform.  I am excited to demonstrate what we have done with our model but I will leave that for another post.  Lets just say that we have removed pricing as a roadblock to entry and we have made it just as scalable as our hosting platform!


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  • DanDecember 29th, 2010 at 6:04 pm

    Hi Oscar,
    Thanks for the comment, yes I completely agree, stability is the foundation here. I am confident our new platform will be rock solid!

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