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How To Install An SSL Certificate For Your Reseller Website

by Kelly Kirkham

Security should be a major priority and concern for all hosting resellers. Keeping your client information safe is paramount to your success as a reseller. An SSL Certificate is an easy way to increase security while also proving to website visitors that you are a reliable, reputable web host that is worthy of their business….

Ways To Stay Positive When Assisting Angry Clients

by Kelly Kirkham

In every business, there will always be a small percentage of people who are unhappy with your products or services. Even if a company does everything right, there will always be someone who disagrees. The crucial part of any organization is how you handle unhappy clients. Every disgruntled response received from a client creates an…

Understanding Reseller Hosting Package Specs

by Kelly Kirkham

As an industry leader in reseller hosting, we have often noticed that the number one cause preventing potential hosting resellers from joining the industry is a gap in hosting vocabulary and knowledge. It can be intimidating to research hosting companies and find yourself buried in technical jargon. Many potential resellers quickly become overwhelmed and abandon…

Do You Have A Backup Of Your Reseller Website?

by Kelly Kirkham

If you’ve ever lost your mobile phone or experienced total laptop failure, then you most likely know exactly why it is important to create a backup of your reseller website. Technology is great, but sometimes things do go wrong. Websites can be hacked, updates may not achieve the desired effect, and malware can strike at…

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Best Practices For Protecting Your Domain Names

by Kelly Kirkham

Domain names are valuable assets. While they aren’t physical objects you can hold in your hand, the necessity of your domain name is most deeply felt when something happens to it. If you happen to have an entire portfolio of domains, the threat of misuse is even greater. This is why we have created a…

Boost Your Reseller Hosting With Social Media

by Kelly Kirkham

If you are one of those lucky individuals who has already set up your reseller account and your amazing new website, you will know that all that’s left is to market your new business. This is especially the case since handles all of your technical tasks behind the scenes. However, you may be asking…

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A Three-Dimensional View Of 3D Printing: Part 1

by Michael Wolter

Welcome to our informative series on 3D printing. In this piece, we will cover what it is, how it’s used and what we can expect in the future. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is an emerging technology that has experienced a boom in recent years. Although the innovation that started the 3D printing…

The Secret Recipe For SEO Blog Success

by Michael Wolter

Producing content for your website is one of today’s most important ways to enhance SEO, as well as increase the amount of time that customers – both potential and current – engage with your site. But when it comes to written content for blogs, good writing alone is not enough. SEO, while guided by a…

Should You Shorten Your URL?

by Madeleine Bruce

URLs: Our Directions to Navigate and Connect URLs are our map of the internet: we use them to navigate websites, link from one website to the other, and enable us to share useful and interesting addresses with our peers. Basically, a URL is a web address. One of our favorite ways to view and share…

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7 Simple Exercises To Help Generate Marketing Ideas For Your Small, Online Business

by Madeleine Bruce

  You’ve taken the plunge and set up your very own online business, which is just waiting to be discovered. You’ve built a professional website with great hosting to deliver fast and reliable loading times. You’ve even done quite a bit of on-site optimization. But now you need to come up with some fun and…

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Your Slow Loading Website Is Affecting Your Website Visitors

by Madeleine Bruce

There’s a need for speed if you want to keep customers on your website. Have you ever found yourself spending excessive amounts of time searching for a very specific product, only to find the website you need is just not loading? Or have you tried entering a url to a website and nothing appears on…

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.coms Are Still King

by Kelly Kirkham

We love gTLDs, but don’t forget that .com still packs a punch.

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ICANN Rejects .music Domain

by Kelly Kirkham

The .music gTLD fails community bid for the second time.

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Facebook Introduces New “Reactions”

by Colten Van Tussenbrook

Facebook is testing new emojis that will give users more options than just a simple “like”.

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