Google Fights Illegal Use of and in Russian Courts

The Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI) has reported that search giant, Google, which earned $9.74 billion in profits in 2011, has met some resistance from Moscow Commercial Court with regard to its motion to speed up review of its complaint against WebLink Ltd which is using Google.Ru and Gugl.Ru domain names, and may potentially infringe Google’s trademark in terms of “likeness.”

The reason for this motion hinges on a current appraisal underway by a panel of experts which makes this request impossible.

“The court suspended the proceedings on July 27 and ordered the matter to be examined by an expert commission, which involves two or more experts selected by both parties defining whether the domains are similar to the plaintiff’s trademark,” said RAPSI.

Further feedback will be presented within 30 days of experts receiving court case materials.

Meanwhile, Google has obtained “interim relief” from the RAPSI court which prevents Weblink from assigning and administration rights., specializing in domain reseller services, has reported similar actions by Google in past blog posts. Increasingly, domain names are seen as high-value intellectual property in the same vein as a trademark or a copyright. Google has been adopting a series of international actions against companies that attempt to slipstream its famous domain names to garner additional traffic or revenue.

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