.ORG Pricing Change

Earlier this year, PIR, the registry for .ORG domain names, announced an increase in registration fees for the tld. Said increase will be on the order of $.46 per domain year and is set to go into effect tomorrow. As a result our pricing will be follow suit and there will be a slight but unavoidable increase. We sent out notices in our March Newsletter on March 3rd. A copy can be found here. If you haven’t read it, you are likely asking how much. Here’s the skinny:

What it Was What it Will Be
Tier 1 $7.79 $8.31
Tier 2 $7.25 $7.77

Now, the question becomes what do you get in return for the pricing increases. That part is relatively easy, we have launched a full line of live support options. Free Live Chat and Phone Support are available Monday through Friday from 7am through 7pm. Chats are generally answered within 15 seconds and thus far today our average hold time in our phone queue is less that 6 seconds, the weekly average is less than 10 seconds. Contact details are readily accessible on the site; go on, click that “Contact” envelope to the right, we know you are dieing to talk to us!



2 Responses to “.ORG Pricing Change”

  • DanApril 1st, 2011 at 7:43 am

    Hi Juan,
    I am working on enabling .co 3rd level TLDs right now. You should see them in the control panel here shortly!

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