About Us

Resell.biz provides low-cost domain registration and domain management services for thousands of resellers worldwide. Our mission is to provide the best value domain names in the industry and some of the best features too.

We are part of the UK2 Group which has over 12 years experience retailing web hosting and domain names. Independently owned and financially stable the UK2 Group is a global group of web hosting and domain name brands, and has provided web hosting and internet services to customers and business alike since 1998.

Resell.biz encourages the fair use of the Internet in partnership with our resellers and operates a strict zero tolerance policy towards spam, malicious activity or the abuse of our services. To report abuse please visit our abuse complaint form, for all other enquiries please visit our contact page.

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After more than 15 years of trading, Resell.biz has become known as the salt of the reseller hosting industry. Reseller businesses from Malaysia to New York rely on us.

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