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Q. What does Sunrise mean?
There is a short period of time when a new domain extension, also called a generic top-level domain (gTLD), launches that is called the sunrise period. During this period, domain names cannot be registered by anyone who does not have a trademark for the domain. Sunrise gives trademark holders a chance to secure domain names and safeguard against malicious registrations. Sunrise lasts between 30-60 days for new TLDs. After this timeframe, the TLD is available for anyone to register.
Q. How do I register a trademark domain during Sunrise?
To register a domain that matches your trademark with any new domain extension, first, submit your trademark to the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). By doing so, your trademark will be verified and you will be assigned a signed mark-data file (SMD). Your signed mark-data file is used to register your trademark against the new gTLDs. To register your trademark now, visit
Q. What is the Trademark Clearinghouse?
The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) is a large database of verified trademarks registered with the offices. It creates a single point of access for trademark holders when registering a domain name with new domain extensions in the future. Along with Sunrise registration support, the TMCH also offers a claims service for trademark holders to monitor domain registrations to be sure that no one registers a domain associated with their trademark.

To know more about the Trademark Clearinghouse, please visit
Q. How can I register my trademark with the TMCH?
Simply visit to register your trademark with the TMCH. You can also register your trademark through any of the TMCH authorized agents at
Q. What does it cost to register domain names during the Sunrise period?
You can see the fees associated with registering your trademark here. These fees are not included in the domain registration price. Registration price may vary depending on the domain name you are registering and whether it includes a non-refundable application fee.
Q. Are Sunrise registration and pre-ordering the same?
No. Sunrise registration is a registration process which guarantees the trademark holder the domain registration request. Trademark holders have the option to register domain names before pre-registration applicants.
Q. What if someone else has also placed a registration request during Sunrise?
If more than one trademark holder places a request for any one domain name, the registry may create an auction for the domain name. The highest bidder will be allowed to register the domain name. To participate in the auction, you must place a Sunrise registration request.
Q. Can I register a trademark domain after Sunrise is over?
Once the Sunrise period has ended, trademark holders do not get preferential treatment when registering domains. This means that someone else might register the domain before you get a chance to, even if they don’t hold the trademark. To secure a domain with your trademark, it is best to do so during the Sunrise period.
Q. When can I begin using the domain I registered and paid for during Sunrise?
You will be alerted once the registry allocates the domain name and it becomes ready for use. This typically occurs at the end of the Sunrise period just before general availability begins. Once you are notified, you may begin using your new domain name.



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