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Domains and Subdomains

In order to attract clients, your business needs a catchy and relevant domain name. A domain name is basically the unique address of your website. It’s what most people would consider the actual title of the site as this is what is typed into the address bar.

In our case, the domain is Every domain name is linked to an IP address which is how visitors can access the site from the server. Without a domain name visitors would have to type the IP address in order to find a website.

Subdomains allow you to branch out your site from just the single domain. This is common with email and other larger sites. For example, is a subdomain that would take you to the mail portion of If it’s a large corporation, subdomains work well to break up separate divisions. You could have, and Each of these is a subdomain that will take you to a different location within the original domain, which is You can think of this as a domain within a domain.

Subdomains are sometimes confused with subdirectories. Subdirectories are files and folders that are part of a domain, such as The part of the domain: /domain-reseller/ is a file within, not a subdomain. An easy way to tell the difference is by looking at where it falls in the domain. Subdomains always come before the TLD (Top Level Domain, such as .com). Subdirectories come after the TLD. clients can add subdomains by accessing their domain from the control panel and clicking on manage DNS. From there, click “add a record” and fill in the details. Note: this will not add a hosted subdomain, but rather point the domain to the hosted subdomain. support is available if you need assistance with adding subdomains.

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TLDs or Top Level Domains are ruling domains in the kingdom of web address. At we work closely with ICANN to ensure that we provide the latest and greatest in our products and services. Your clients are our clients, and we like to keep our clients happy by offering the best. Access the wide-world of TLDs with all the gizmos and gadgets (and none of the overhead) to make your life easier with

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New TLDs

Why settle for the same old .com or .net? With new TLDs the possibilities are endless! Hundreds of new domain extensions have created endless opportunities across the web. Attract new customers and promote sales with the domains that were unavailable in original domain extensions. Don’t miss out on the latest and greatest in the world of reselling!

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