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Premium Domain Names are high value, popular names that have already been registered but are up for sale by the Domain owner. With Premium names you can:

  • Get Short, Memorable Names

    Register a catchy name that accurately defines your business and differentiates you from the crowd.

  • Attract More Traffic

    Get well established names that boast of an excellent page rank, making it easier for your customers to find you.

  • Get Great SEO Potential

    Invite type-in traffic with keyword-rich Premium Domains and boost your SEO ranking.

  • Get Better Branding

    Build a powerful brand that best describes your business - great for Products, Services, Portals, Blogs and more!

Q. What is a Premium Domain?
Premium Domains are web addresses that are highly sought after due to keywords or brand-friendly phrases. Premium Domains are typically privately owned and sold at a much higher price that other domain names.
Q. Why do Premium Domains cost more?
Because Premium Domains include components that are highly sought after, they are typically accompanied by a higher price tag. Cost can also be higher if the domain includes a higher page rank or SEO value since they will automatically attract higher traffic. Premium Domain prices usually directly reflect an increased value.
Q. Is the renewal rate for Premium Domains also expensive?
No. Premium Domains will most likely renew at the regular price of a similar TLD.
Q. How do I search for a Premium Domain? has a page dedicated to Premium Domain search. You can find this page under the Domains tab. You will also see the top available Premium Domains in regular search if they closely match the keywords used to search for domains. Note that if the domain you have searched for is a Premium Domain, it will be highlighted in your results as a Premium Domain.
Q. What is the procedure for procuring a Premium Domain?
Once you have completed the purchasing process for the Premium Domain with, you will need to complete the transfer of ownership. This process may take up to 5-7 days. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as ownership of the domain has been transferred to your account. You can then manage the domain as you would any other domain in your portfolio.



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